Welcome... Again

While we intend to maintain a serious blog, let's not beat around thebush... we're funny guys and over the decades this trip is actually likely to take we're not going to let our respective comedy geniuses go to waste. Note: The events narrated on this second blog are unlikely to be true.

For now, I'll tell you about what happened on our second 'training session'. Basically it was a rainy day - I mean there was a monsoon - and after several miles of paddling, we came across one of those classy midlands drinking establishments. So we were sitting there, taking on ‘energy drinks’ and out of absolutely no where a giraffe walks in. Yep, honestly a giraffe. He said, “Mate, is that your canoe?” I mean, I was surprised as you are. But I told him it was. So he goes, “You two can’t be real men sharing that canoe.” Anyway, push came to shove so like any Warwick student, we challenged him to an energy drinking competition. (We were on the blackcurrent.) Now after a few pints, it was clear that we’d got the better of this giraffe, who was starting to sway and looking worse for wear. So like the honourable lads we are, we pretended to both need the toilet and then made for the exit. But… as we were leaving the Giraffe – turns out he was called Gerry – slipped off his chair. The barman, hearing the commotion, told us in no uncertain terms, “Lads, you can’t leave that lyin’ there.”

So we told him, “It’s not a lion… it’s a giraffe.”