And on our left, we have two kids in a canoe...

"Bonjour!" Boomed out of the tour boat microphone.
"Bonjour mon copain... c'est tres dure... mais c'est la vie?!" Whined back from the green canoe.
Upon hearing this concise description of canoeing upstream, the tour guide of the pleasure boat continued his monologue. Now although we are both 250% fluent in the old francais, unfortunately because the boat rapidly left us behind, we're not completely sure as to what the tour guide preceded to say. Nonetheless, it was most probably something along the lines of...
"Wow. D-O-R-A. Now there's a fine and not at all immature name for a 17ft canoe.
Sacred Bleu! Those two young Englishmen are smelling beau - they must shower on at least a daily basis. I know they were English, ladies and gentlehommes, because their grasp of the Francais langue was so bon.
Ladies and gentlehommes, I would like to make deux final comments about those fine young Englishmen. First, ses biceps sont massif! Second, their moustaches - oh la la - their trois days without shaving is clearly noticeable to me the casual observer."
As I said, we can't guarantee that this was exactly what the tourguide said as our canoe rocked in the wake of his boat... But it's a likely summary.