101 Conversations

To commemorate our passing 101 days, in no particular order we have listed just some of the magical conversations the canoe has bore witness to:

1. How far we have come
2. Dogs and our love for them
3. Bullying
4. Postcard recipients
5. Poos, farts and our general digestive states
6. Nipple conventions in society
7. International shipping
8. Affirmative action
9. Moans
10. Farming
11. Utilitarianism
12. The impression we make on the people we encounter
13. Remembering the different locations we've eaten lunch
14. Running, running and more running
15. Cheese
16. Rating mutual female friends on who you would rather
17. What we want for Christmas
18. The hypothetical consequences of a plane crash landing in our vicinity
19. The media reaction to the publication of the Canoeing the Continent novel
20. The necessary components of the perfect cafe
21. Jimmy's perspective on marriage: 'the pinnacle of happiness'
22. Private education
23. Retelling our strategies for the locks overcome
24. Potential alternative blogs
25. What happened in our respective novels the previous night
26. The inadequacy of our 'training' in Leamington Spa
27. Lord Elgin and the Elgin marbles
28. The gameshow era and, specifically, The Generation Game
29. Global warming
30. The relative social status of rowers and canoeists
31. Siblings
32. Political interference in religion
33. Jimmy's time in the Combined Cadet Forces
34. Comparing the social etiquette in football and rugby
35. The Tour de France
36. Games consoles and our ineptitude
37. Dora's future
38. Nathan's experience as a customer service assistant in Boots
39. How to eat a roasted chestnut
40. The weather
41. Our experiences playing rugby at school
42. The most recent General Election and our voting preferences
43. Tales of banter from school
44. Our extended families
45. Nathan's experiences in job interviews
46. Jimmy's Grandfather
47. Masculine women and feminine men
48. Fishing
49. The BBC
50. Jimmy's Canadian adventures
51. Poor quality of nudists seen so far
52. The meaning of life
53. Luke Parry's World Rickshaw Adventure
54. Nathan's snobbery regarding book choices
55. Morality and the concept of private property
56. That Jimmy's feels one particular ex-housemate was a tosser
57. The importance of networking
58. Nathan's experiences on Vacation Schemes
59. What we're having for dinner
60. Hair cuts
61. Jimmy's girlfriend and her daily travails
62. Justice and UK laws
63. Luke Augustas and the TIBS News website
64. The relative value and importance of wealth
65. The business structure of the Warner-Smith family farm
66. Places we could realistically see ourselves revisiting on a canal boat
67. The struggle to grow facial hair
68. The French language
69. Dreams and specifically girls who have appeared in our dreams
70. The day our belongings were stolen
71. Herons
72. Personal identity as an idea
73. Alice Clough and her Ramble to Rome
74. How to get home
75. The societal value of inheritance
76. Tractors
77. How well we're doing
78. Pork and its dominance in European supermarkets and our canoeing diet
79. Our experiences of being very drunk
80. Which route we should take
81. Ways of winding up sporting opponents
82. Birthday presents
83. Keynesian economics
84. Whether we would choose to permanently reside in the place we are currently canoeing
85. Progressive taxation
86. Shooting game
87. Ireland
88. Where we should camp
89. How much we are eating
90. Things which will have changed upon our return home
91. Swans
92. Parental influence on our tastes in music and The Beatles specifically
93. How well we each slept
94. Jimmy's experience of working a ski season
95. The University of Warwick
96. Cyclists and cycle touring
97. German culture
98. Nathan's exploits as a footballer
99. The most inconspicuous body part for a canoeing the continent tattoo
100. That time we fell out of the canoe and into the Loire
101. How far we still have to go.