Simply a matter of time

You have heard of Wilkins and Warner-Smith, Warner-Smith and Wilkins. Well tonight they find themselves on the shores of their final waterway. Tonight they are set down just 44kms from the coast of the Black Sea. That is 44kms from having canoed across the continent of Europe. That is 44kms from joining the great explorers of the last century. Scott and Amundsen, who raced through the arctic, Mallory and Irvine, who scaled the worlds highest mountain, and now, on the verge of similar success we have Warner-Smith and Wilkins, who canoed the continent.

Not set on completing Europe, but planning to head all the way towards Asia, Wilkins and Warner-Smith still have some time left of their famous journey. And, this month, you have the chance to be involved! You have the chance to join Warner Smith and Wilkins as they go for glory. Two men, so strong they have paddled for 118 days, so brave they have fought upstream currents and pounding waves, so heroic they can write about themselves in the third person and so tireless on their mission that they will stop at nothing, these two men are waiting for you to partake in their journey.

This month you can be an adventurer too with WEETABIX! For all of November you can collect tokens from the back of our cereal boxes and build up your collection of Warner-Smith and Wilkins memorabilia. On each box of WEETABIX you buy, turn back the top of the box and cut out your W&W token. With 2 tokens you can get a model fishing-rod, 4 tokens gets you either two paddles, the model cat, or a model dog, 6 tokens allows you a Warner-Smith or Wilkins figure, and with a full 8 tokens you will be awarded a model of Dora the canoe. Why not start collecting now and by the end of the month you could have the whole set!

Remember, this is your chance to hop on board the canoe and join the ride! Use the model fishing rod to search for fish on the Loire or an improvised weapon to battle the fearsome dogs in Romania. Make bathing fun with your model of Dora in the bathtub and watch how she really floats! You can re-enact dramatic capsizes in France or cat-overboard drills in Bulgaria, you can watch Dora rock in waves or circle dangerously around the plug hole.

However you decide to use your toys and however you decide to spread your tokens, make sure you don't miss out on your chance to join WEETABIX in celebrating two of the greatest explorers of our generation. Warner-Smith and Wilkins, Wilkins and Warner-Smith, the names on everybody lips. They are about to make history and you would be a fool to miss out!

(Starts 1st November 2013, only on selected packs of WEETABIX)